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Quotes For Losing A Mom

Fear Drop 15: Saiwala, investigates musical aesthetics of the wind.

From Hurricane blows, wave to kiss
"the wind is music first." The number 15
Fear Drop it echoes.
The authors approach their subject in a didactic, clear and orderly.

Denis Boyer began his first article ( For a cinematic music buzzing) by studying the records released by three labels from 2007 to 2009: Afe Records for Italy, France and Taâlem for Drone Records, Germany. After establishing a brief history, it defines the areas of experimental ambient music each time with a selection of discs.
He uses for this (as well as other contributors to the journal) of a poetic language, pictorially intelligible but miles away from most musicals sips an abstruse verbiage and franglicismes deficient.

Reflections, reconciliations, references, Fear Drop multiplies the anchor points, the benchmarks, opening up gateways to music that can be described as difficult to access.

A glance at the summary is also louder than words:

Julie Ramos gives a sample of Nostalgia Unit, his essay on the relationship between landscape and music in Romantic painting, preamble interesting compared to the use and processing of natural elements in contemporary music.

follows a short chapter on tree singing to the harp wind that invites us to approach the wind. As

of Suskind's Perfume aroused smell, this issue of Fear Drop makes us aware of the value of a blast, both in the listening of feeling: the body as an instrument.

"It is certainly in the conversation winds."

Further, Jerome Langlais describes the work of two designers of concrete music and noisy (Chris Watson and BJ Nilsen), their unique approach, and use the recording of the wind: a zebra carcass that enters the wind surf sea mind-blowing.

continue our reading on selected disks analyzed accurately and seriously.

"The records we have come through in the wake of the wind, we deploy the large-scale movements of its sound." After Cedric

Peyronnet telling some experiments sonic explorations related to the wind, the journal extends Towards the Plain with Margantin Lawrence, author and poet asked, proof if any were needed, a eclecticism of choice.

And we can close your eyes listening to the CD, let us move to countries inside our souls inhabited.
It is far from the music surround and Nature and Discoveries.

Fear Drop number 15. Saiwala, investigates the aesthetics of wind . Journal
directed by Régis Boyer.
Cover Image: Zhao Mengfu.
Includes a compilation CD of 14 tracks: neumes wind.
Many Web links at the end of each article will extend the reading and listening.

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